Our Story

The first time we traveled to Northern Spain was an adventure. We started walking the Camino de Santiago from Roncesvalles, and not long after an idea emerged.

The days went by and we traveled through regions like Navarra, La Rioja, and Castile and León – 15 days and 350 km later we had decided it. We looked for (Swedish) travel guides covering this part of Spain. We couldn’t find anything, so we launched NorraSpanien.se, and kept on traveling the regions. After living in Barcelona, Santander and León, and working in the travel industry, we can now be found in the city of Valladolid.

The Team

Hello, this is us! A small (but efficient) team consisting of a Swede and a Spaniard.

Jonathan Rautio

Founder of J Rautio Creative

Jonathan is the founder of J Rautio Creative, a Sweden based company. He moved to Barcelona 2011 and shortly after discovered the regions along the Bay of Biscay. He loves reading, learning new skills, trying food (which Northern Spain is perfect for), nature and inspiring people to try a more sustainable tourism. This website, and most of the content, is created by Jonathan.

Beatriz Nieto

Local guide

Beatriz, usually just called “Bea”, was born in Madrid and raised in Valladolid. She also has lived in León, Oviedo and Barcelona, and her favourite thing to do is traveling and getting to know different people and cultures. She speaks 5 languages – from German to Spanish – and can understand perfectly 3 more. She is also a HUGE fan of the Smashing Pumpkins.

Lets Work Together.What We Can Do For You.

We have extensive experience in the travel industry, and even if our niche is Northern Spain, we know most parts of Spain. We can help your company with the following:

We do all kinds of freelance projects in Northern Spain. If you are looking for something new and exciting for your readers, we are happy to help you with our knowledge of the area. We also have a large database of our own pictures that can be used for articles or websites.

We love marketing and being able to quickly implement new changes to see what works, and what doesn’t. From content creation, social media, newsletters and copywriting to SEO-optimization and link building. Although our niche is Northern Spain, in these projects we can work towards the whole of Spain/Europe, and in different industries.

We translate articles, systems or guidebooks from English and Spanish to Swedish. Or the other way around.

We have lived and worked in Northern Spain for many years and have a broad network of contacts. Also, our guide Beatriz is a native of this area. We can help you as consultants with everything that concerns tourism in Northern Spain.

Are you a travel agent who wants to offer your customers an unforgettable group trip to Northern Spain? Contact us with your requests (destination, number of travelers, activities, bus, etc.), and we’ll get back to you with a tailor-made quote.

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